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Our Story

House of Balayage with a mission to empower women through personalized hair styling. From a single stylist's dream nine years ago, we've grown into a trend-setting salon renowned for our commitment to education and excellence.


We're proud to be part of the Wella Professionals family, using their premium products to create exceptional hair transformations. Our team of dedicated professionals begins each client's journey with a thorough consultation, crafting a tailored plan to meet their unique hair needs and lifestyle.


But the House of Balayage experience is more than just exceptional hair care. We offer a sanctuary, a place where women can unwind, feel heard, and enjoy a touch of luxury. From our unique ambiance to our relaxing massage chairs and a selection of organic tea or chilled wine, every visit is a retreat.


We're not just a salon; we're a home. We're committed to sustainability, to our clients, and to delivering an unparalleled salon experience. House of Balayage is where your beauty journey begins and blossoms.


At House of Balayage, our vision is to empower women through personalized, lived-in color treatments that not only elevate their looks but also align with their maintenance capabilities. We believe that the beauty journey extends beyond the salon.

Thus, we are committed to providing our clients with the tools and knowledge necessary to maintain their stunning looks at home. We seek to blend professional expertise with a warm, home-like environment, where every woman can relax, feel heard, and be confident that she is in the best hands.

House of Balayage waiting area
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Our mission is to make each client feel empowered, informed, and listened to. We achieve this through our unique consultation process, where we delve into each client's hair history and maintenance abilities. By doing this, we can create personalized color solutions that enhance their natural beauty and fit seamlessly into their daily routines. We don't just provide salon services; we offer a spa-like experience that pampers our clients from the moment they walk in the door. Whether it's a soothing head massage, hair treatments, or simply enjoying a cup of organic tea or a glass of chilled wine, we ensure every visit is a delightful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Salon Experience


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At House of Balayage, every hair journey starts with a detailed consultation. This vital step helps us understand your hair's history and your vision. We consider everything from past treatments to your lifestyle, ensuring we tailor our approach to suit your unique needs.


In this open dialogue, we invite you to share your hair goals. Our expert team will offer candid advice on the achievability, maintenance, and impact on your hair's health. Our commitment is to deliver a look that enhances your beauty and fits seamlessly into your daily routine.


Start your personalized hair transformation journey with a House of Balayage consultation today. Let's craft your unique hair story together.

Each of our services is crafted to meet the unique needs and desires of our discerning clientele. From precision cuts to personalized color treatments, we offer a range of options designed to enhance your natural beauty and individual style.


Our team of highly trained professionals are experts in delivering a spectrum of services, including balayage, highlights, color transformation, and bridal hair, using the best products from Wella Professionals. We're committed to providing a luxurious, personalized experience that leaves you looking and feeling your best.

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At House of Balayage, we believe beautiful hair is a continuous journey, not just a salon visit. We've handpicked a range of premium home care products from exclusive line System Professional, part of the Wella Professionals family, to keep your hair looking vibrant and healthy between visits.


These products are designed to extend your salon treatment's benefits, preserving color and maintaining hair health. During your visit, we'll recommend personalized aftercare products that align with your hair type and lifestyle, complete with guidance for use at home.


Continue your hair's beauty journey with our aftercare home products. Discover our range during your next visit and keep your hair salon-fresh every day.

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